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One-to-One Support

One-to-One Support

Our one-to-one support is for all ages, abilities and support needs. A regular Support Worker is paired with anyone with a learning difficulty/disability, mental health, depression, autism, Asperger's, dyslexia, epilepsy, sensory and physical impairments, gender identity support needs, isolation and any other support and development needs.

Support can be provided at home, college, in places of social and leisure activities, when volunteering, at supported work placements etc.

Love My Plan

The customer’s Care Plan priorities are achieved by using our “Love My Plan” planning board. The customer has control throughout and decides on how they feel about things, what they want to do, the board has three choices: a happy face , a neutral one  , and a sad face .

This system helps us to find out the starting point for the support approach.  It also helps to review and monitor how well the support is working and making the customer happy and achieving their goals.
entire family including son in a wheelchair in the open filed
Developing life skills such as learning about safety in the home/on the road/in relationships/in public spaces.
young man in wheelchair in front of a buss
Inclusion into communities at events, volunteering and work placements.
healthy fruit, water and measuring tape on a tab;e
Managing health and wellbeing by learning about foods and drinks and their effects, basic food preparations, attending social and leisure groups and activities.

Our support methods enable the customer to follow a learning option to achieve accreditation for Entry Level, Level 1 and above. There is no extra cost for this option, it’s all part of our person-centred support commitment. 
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