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Jobs at Love In Care 

We are committed to value-based recruitment and development of our workforce to ensure the highest level of customer care and the support we provide reflects this in every contact with any member of our staff.  

Working with us:

We have an open recruitment process at present and we invite candidates to apply using our application form downloadable from this page and to send an e-mail  at
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Maximising abilities, improving health

Love In Care seeks to improve the health and well being of customers, families and our staff through professionalism, innovation and excellence in care and to support them to take responsibility for living healthier lives.


Love In Care treats everyone with sensitivity and kindness and ensures that our services are alleviating pain, distress and make people feel valued and that their concerns are important.

Respect and dignity

Everyone is treated with respect and dignity by valuing their different needs, aspirations, abilities and priorities built into the support and development plans. We live our commitment to duty of candour and will remain open and honest and will admit mistakes, communicate, and learn from them.

Commitment to quality of care

Love In Care provides high-quality care that is safe, compassionate, effective and focused on the customers and their family’s experience. Feedback from all our stakeholders drives continuous improvement.

Working together for customers

Love In Care's customers come first in everything that we do. Our support and care are built in partnership with other relevant health services, customers, families/carers, our staff and the local communities.  

Everyone counts
At Love In Care nobody should be discriminated or disadvantaged, and everyone should be treated with equal respect and importance.
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