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Love In care is for children,
young people and adults

Love In Care is a person-centred regulated care and support service for all people from any diverse community and with  various support needs. Our care and support is given in the home or out and about in the community to manage customer’s health and wellbeing, disability, daily living tasks at home or improve skills and enjoy social activities. Our team speak community languages and have wide ranging cultural expertise to bring to their roles.  
Love In Care supports 24/7 over 365 days a year for people who may have a learning disability/ mental health / complex and behaviours labelled to be challenging/ autism/ Asperger's/ Alzheimer / dementia/ hearing, sight or physical impairments/ end-of-life care or any other long-term health conditions. Our support is flexible and responsive to meet the customer’s Care Plan. We have pool of staff who are ready to be paired accordantly.  
Our One-to-One Support Workers are matched to maximise the customer’s abilities, to help them develop and learn life skills, create and develop social and leisure networks and independence (e.g. visit places, take part in group activities, travel on public transport, volunteer and experience work based placements). We support to achieve accreditation for the skills developed at Entry Level, Level 1 and above.
Aqila Choudhry provides free consultancy to apply for Direct Payments and other relevant benefits and entitlements if not already being received.
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